[ROVERNET - UK] Wilson 3500S

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Thu Jan 19 10:45:47 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 01:41 -0500, Dirk Burrowes wrote:

> I too have a Glen Wilson 3500s. I purchased it through a fine gentleman down
> south who stole it from me when I was negotiating with Glen.

You've lured me out of lurk mode, Dirk. 

I don't think you meant any harm with the use of the word "stole" but
you were dithering a bit and I already had a verbal agreement with Grant
when you made up your mind to get serious. I would have loved to accept
your higher offer for the car, but had already given Grant my verbal
assurances. Hope you also got the parts that Grant bought. 

That car was one of those interesting finds. It was locked up in a
garage in downtown Baltimore. I had some trouble getting a clear title
to it since the man who owned it had never transferred it over into his
name from the previous owner. This became complicated since both of
these individuals were quite dead. A friend of his had power of
attorney, and we finally got a clear title from the state of Maryland in
the executor's name. The guy had a real beater of a 2000TC that he used
as a daily driver. On the days when he pulled the beautiful red 3500S
out of the garage to drive to West Virginia, he simply took the plates
off of the TC and slapped them on the 3500S. He seems to have done this
for ten or twelve years without incident! 

Hope you've been enjoying the car!


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