[ROVERNET - UK] 1947 P2 (Rover 16 Sport Saloon)

Stephen JC Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Thu Jan 26 15:26:45 GMT 2006

That's the one...
and I have you to thank for making me aware of it.

The very decent seller wanted far too much money but I was able to 
acquire her as a trade for two very clean BMW motorcycles (R90S / 
R100GS). We were both happy -- which is unusual in a deal as convoluted 
as this was.

The car is remarkably original although she is suffering under a very 
mediocre black paint job (not on my watch).

I have not touched the original leather except to slather it with hide 
food and have my kids bounce around on it. It pleases me to see them 
clambering on the running boards and ask for rides -- which I can't 
really do until I sort out the rear seatbelt issue (nothing stock of 
substance to attach belts to).

I have re-built (taken apart and re-assembled after cleaning) the dual 
throat Solex and changed the plugs and oil. She runs better and has 
been driven the ten miles into town regularly -- but probably needs a 
new carburettor or at least a re-rebuild with a new diaphragm. Anyone 
know where I can score one of these carbs in serviceable condition?

Three of the six spark plugs had "distance pieces" installed which I 
understand were used back in the 60s to alleviate rich running on 
individual cylinders. These I have removed and the new plugs have not 
fouled so I have my fingers crossed. The small ends of these engines 
have white metal (babbit) bearings which has me not looking forward to 
the inevitable tear down.

Even though not running perfectly yet, she is great fun to drive and 
the freewheel is an interesting feature. I love this car and we will go 
the distance.

Have trafficators, will travel.


On Jan 25, 2006, at 8:21 PM, Glen Wilson wrote:

> On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 20:56 -0600, Stephen JC Beer wrote:
>> The "sport" version would be a four light (like my 47 Rover 16 - P2).
> That's the old car from Lansdale, PA.  Right?
> What kind of shape is it in, now? What have you done to it? It was a
> sweet old car, but I never got to see it running.  Was the paint
> original, or had it been redone? Wonderful patina overall! Hope you
> didn't replace that leather.
> Glen
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