[ROVERNET - UK] Rover 2000TC airfilters.

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For air filters I currently have two sets of unused filters. The first set 
is from NAPA. I took the Cooper filter, which is the original Rover brand I 
believe, and the guy at NAPA matched it to a NAPA GOLD 2073 (it could be 
2873, not quite clear on the filter). The other number on the filter is 
157F3T. The other filter I have is an oval shaped thing, from Scotts old 
Rover parts in Australia. One filter does both carbs. The other filter which 
works is a Ryco A106. This brand is common in Australia, I have never seen 
it in the US.

Hope this helps.

James Radcliffe.

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>What air filters do you use in your 2000TC?
>Dave Paterson
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> > For spark pulgs go to NAPA and buy some Champion N9YC's. In my Rover SC 
> > Australia I use NGK BP6ES, which the old time Rover mechanic recomended. 
> > don't know where to get hold of these in the US. I tried to get hold of
> > plugs for my 2000TC which I have in the US but they could not get a hold
> > them.    I would not use Bosch plugs as many years ago I had engine 
> > in my 2000 SC auto which necessitated reboring. The mechanic said that 
> > problem may have been due to overheating due to incorrect spark plug.
> > Further investigation revealed that the Bosch catalogue recommended the
> > plug for the SC motor as the TC motor. The plug I believe cross 
> > to a TC plug.
> >
> > For oil filters have a look at the following website:
> > http://www.roverclub.se/filtere.html
> >
> > For an air filter try taking in one you have and see if they can match
> > something up. In Australia I use a Ryco A44, but these are getting hard 
> > get now days. Scotts Old Rover (in Australia) parts has a Grossland
> > (or is it Crossland). I have never had to buy a filter for an SC in the 
> > so I cant really help.
> >
> > For fuel filtration in my Rover in Australia I have found gauze in the
> > pump to be quite satisfactory. However I am thinking of putting a filter
> > the suction side of fuel line on my TC. You should be able to get a
> > universal filter from a parts place, just make sure that it is meant to 
> > in the suction side. A new fuel line has been put on my car which should
> > take one easily. I would however be interested in any other ideas which
> > people may have regarding fuel filtration. The TC had quite a lot of 
> > the carbs when I rebuilt them recently.
> >
> > Also I just bought replacement hoses for my Rover 2000TC, matched them 
> > NAPA. I still have them and have not put them on yet, so send me some
> > fast of what you could not get and I might be able to give you some
> >
> > James.
> >
> >
> > >i

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