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Tue Jul 4 02:21:21 BST 2006

On Monday 03 July 2006 20:10, Eric Russell wrote:
> Another Gunson's product which I brought back from the
> UK is their CO Meter.  This was particularly useful to
> get the Rover ready for the annual emissions test.
> Tweaking the carbs created a digital readout from the
> tailpipe and created a lesser burning sensation on the
> fingertips that the colortune.  I was disappointed
> with how much yellow appeared in the window and
> difficult /impossible it was to achieve the "Bunsen
> burner" blue they recommend.

I had a similar experience with the Colortune, but in the end it turned out 
that I couldn't get the perfect color because the carb was defective and not 
able to get the mixture correct (leaks on the far side of the jet or 
whatever). Also, on some engines there is always one cylinder which actually 
can't be set the same as the others because of the design of the intake 
manifold or the way it enters the chamber. I don't remember if it was the TC 
or one of my old MGs, but the cylinder closest to the firewall was always 
off.  Of course, the best thing I ever did to the MGB was to install a single 
Weber DGV. Transformed the car.

The Gunson CO meter only measures CO (as the name implies). When I was trying 
to get my SD1 through inspection, it was easy to dial in the CO, but whenever 
I did, the NO2 (?) would go out of tolerance on the shop's emissions 
equipment. There's a tradeoff on that adjustment, as well.


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