Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 4 07:40:36 BST 2006

> The Gunson CO meter only measures CO (as the name
> implies). When I was trying 
> to get my SD1 through inspection, it was easy to
> dial in the CO, but whenever 
> I did, the NO2 (?) would go out of tolerance on the
> shop's emissions 
> equipment. There's a tradeoff on that adjustment, as
> well.
> Glen
I also saw how a too lean setting on my Rover 2000
increased the NO2 reading.  I was able to graph a
comparison between the testing station readings and
the CO reading on my meter.  Come annual testing time
I knew the numbers I needed to achieve on my meter and
avoided trying for an excessive lean reading due to
problems mentioned above. I am only saying that it got
MY Rover 2000 through "Aircare".


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