[ROVERNET - UK] Holy cow!

Ali Al-Abbasi alialabbasi at hotmail.com
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Thanks, I have a lead on a low mileage (parked in 75) 3500S in Arizona that 
the owner wants to sell to me. I just cannot have another car in my house. 
There is just no more space and hence I would prefer to do the floors.

All the best


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>> Well it seems that the major work is on the right side floor pan, 
>> everything
>> else is not a lot of work. If someone can tell me whether a 4 cyl floor 
>> is
>> the same as a v8 I would be grateful.
> Al,
> I don't know all the differences between base units, but the floor and 
> side rails should interchange.  The TC floors should be a little larger 
> than the v8's because the v8 had a larger transmission tunnel (as did the 
> SC auto). Have you pulled the AC evaporator to check the condition of the 
> firewall?  I have seen several cars with bad firewalls that only showed up 
> as rotted floorboards until the evaporator came out.  Richard Elliot's car 
> is low mileage but had firewall problems.
> Garrett Bourque in Main has a nice rolling base unit that came from 
> Arizona...no rustout.  Don't know if that's close enough to be of help.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.
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