[ROVERNET - UK] Engine bay insulation and heater box gaskets

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at san.rr.com
Sat Jul 8 06:43:36 BST 2006

I got overenthusiastic with the former Oregon Boat Anchor today.=20

There was a bit of rust showing around the heater so after much =
sweating, a
few cramps in the arms and some judiciously chosen Anglo-Saxon out it =
Fortunately the rust was mostly confined to a small hole in the heater =
with a little bit of surface rust underneath.=20

Despite best efforts to preserve the insulation on the firewall and =
the heater it preferred to come out in many, many, many small pieces =
with dust so it's going to have to be replaced.

Does anyone have any specific product recommendations? Something that's
available in California, doesn't soak up moisture and looks reasonably
original would be nice - shiny aluminium firewalls won't look quite =
right on
a Rover (unless it's a Tomcat.)

What about the seals for the connections between heater and body and =
the heater? I guess I may have to be creative with weather stripping if =
else fails - I don't see these listed on Scott's web site or from =


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