[ROVERNET - UK] SD1 Wheels on a 1971 NADA P6B

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Sat Jul 8 07:49:43 BST 2006

On Saturday 08 July 2006 00:20, sspmilr at netzero.net wrote:
> Roverists:
> Today was a disheartening day.  After having the SD1 wheels sand
> blasted, and powder coated, and then having new Coker red band tires
> mounted and balanced, I found that the SD1 wheels would not fit on the
> front hubs.  The center hole in the SD1 wheels are to small for the
> grease cup retainers to pass through.  Since I'd been told by more than
> one person that this wasn't going to be a problem, I thought that I'd
> bring it to everyones attention so it wouldn't happen to anyone else.
> My whole life with our Rover has been injected with the most unusual
> problems!  If I was sane, and not so in love with Rovers' I'd give up!
> Peter Miller
> Arlington, Wa.


I'm sad to hear of your problem with the wheels. I don't recall ever hearing 
that SD1 wheels would not fit a 3500S, either, and I've been on this list for 
ten years. They certainly will fit a 2000TC because I have seen that. I know 
the front brake pads from a 2000TC will not fit the 3500S because the latter 
has beefier brakes, so I suppose the hub might differ, as well.

Do the wheels fit with the grease caps removed? Maybe you could just use a 
different type of grease cap. If I were in this situation, I might be shaking 
my head and I might be a bit pissed, but I wouldn't give up on it yet.  
Grease caps are not all that high tech, and I'm sure there is a solution, 
even if it has to be made from an old coffee can. It will do the job, and no 
one will ever see it if the wheels are on the car.

Remember the mantra of all P6 owners: As long as my rear brake pads and 
calipers are serviceable, there is always hope! 



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