[ROVERNET - UK] Engine bay insulation and heater box gaskets

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton smokeandsteam at san.rr.com
Mon Jul 17 02:21:32 BST 2006

>>-----Original Message-----=20
Did you ever get any feed back on the heater project?  <<

Not a great deal.=20

The box itself could be repaired, but the corrosion is enough that I =
replace it if I can do so economically, otherwise there will have to be =
couple of tricky welds on the inside. I believe the 4 cylinder box can =
used, but need to look a bit closer at one. Whatever I do there I'll =
the heater element re-cored along with the radiator - past experience =
V8 water circuits is that if you rebuild one element the problems =
transfer themselves to the next weakest usually at inconvenient times.

I'm going to talk to a man about getting some seals cut on his water jet
machine when I'm up there in a week or so. What I need to do first is =
the right material - something that's sufficiently resilient but not =
to absorb much water. Volara M or one of the Minicel foams look like
possible candidates.

The bulkhead insulation is another matter - I'm inclined to forgo =
authenticity as the original matting absorbs water and dirt very readily =
I may use something like Dynamat. I'll post if I find something that =
convincing; heat shielding seems a secondary function in this case - the
matting seems more for noise reduction than as a heat barrier



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