[ROVERNET - UK] Engine rebuild kits and hoses

Lance La Certe lacpsyd at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 11 04:50:24 BST 2006

Hi All,

Wanted to ask your help on engine rebuild kits..  Am in the process of
rebuilding my 3.5 V8 ('70 'Federal'  3500S).  I've found what appears to
be, an excellent set of kits from Rimmer Bros. in the UK----a 3.5 kit and a
3.9 kit.  Can anyone provide any reputable sources for rebuild kits in the
US? Does anyone have experience with the Rimmer kits?

Additionally, I have been very successful at NAPA buying replacement hoses
as I proceed with the rebuild, BUT, they could not match or source the top
and bottom radiator hoses.  Does anyone have a sources for these hoses, or
am I going to have to go with 'flex' replacement hoses (if that is so, they
also had a hard time coming up with the proper flex hoses, as it appears
that the diameter of the end of the hose which attaches to the radiator is
different than the end which attaches to the engine ---this seems to be
true for both the top and bottom hoses).  Any help with this would also be

Lance La Certe
lacpsyd at earthlink.net

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