[ROVERNET - UK] Engine rebuild kits and hoses

Glen Wilson glenwilson at cavtel.net
Tue Jul 11 07:51:39 BST 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 23:50, Lance La Certe wrote:
> Hi All,
> Wanted to ask your help on engine rebuild kits..  Am in the process of
> rebuilding my 3.5 V8 ('70 'Federal'  3500S).  I've found what appears to
> be, an excellent set of kits from Rimmer Bros. in the UK----a 3.5 kit and a
> 3.9 kit.  Can anyone provide any reputable sources for rebuild kits in the
> US? Does anyone have experience with the Rimmer kits?


Try catching Kent as he runs out the door.

There a re a number of sources for rebuild kits for the Buick 215 engine, and 
most (not all) of the parts are interchangeable. 

TS Imported Automotive
New-Used-Rebuilt-NOS-Performance British car parts. Some used cars for sale. 
Very strong on SD1 and V8 performance. Some older Rover stuff
404 Basinger Road
Pandora, OH 45877
Phone: 800-543-6648 or 419-384-3022
Fax:  419-384-3272
Web Site: 
Email: tedtsimx at q1.net

Ted Schumacher is a decent, honest guy who deals mostly in high performance 
Rover V8s. I don't know if he sells things like kits, but I'm pretty sure he 
would offer good advice. Tell him Glen WIlson said to remind him about the 
80% discount for RSTCA members...

There's also a guy in Utah who deals in Rover V8s, but I don't see his contact 
info. He used to advertise every month in Hemmings Motor News under Rover 

Companies like Atlantic British might be a source, but they tend to deal more 
with later Range Rover engines.

If you are going to order from overseas, you should always run it by Pierre.

Rover Parts Services
Pierre responds promptly to email inquiries.
11 Polworth Road
London SW16 2ET.
Phone: (011) 44 20 8696 9645 or (011) 44 20 8883 5309
Fax: (011) 44 20 8696 9645
Email: pjemail at aol.com

My experience with Rimmer was years ago. They were very expensive, wouldn't 
lift a finger to save you money on international shipping, and they tended to 
always ship 90% of my order and tell me the last couple of crucial parts 
were "no longer available" (though they were offered for sale on their 


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