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Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Sat Jul 22 06:50:49 BST 2006

Hi Lance,
Hi Lance (and other netters),

 From reading Rimmers paper V8 catalogue, I conclude that 
they only supply the stock type sleeves in their 3.5 to 
3.9 conversion kits.  Stock 3.9 pistons are fine, but the 
stock 3.9 sleeves are too thick and do not leave enough 
meat in the cylinder wall.  I have yet to identify the 
source of the thin sleeves listed by Des Hammill in his 
book.  The top hat sleeves (flanged) are available from LA 
Sleeve in Los Angeles but are over $600US per set.  (Seems 
like I posted this a while back).  So I really don't know 
what to suggest in terms of a rebuild kit...use the rest 
of the Rimmers kit but not the sleeves if you are going to 
a 3.7 inch bore.  All the other stuff will be good, but 
check the kit when it arrives for completeness and 
quality.  Rimmers...you can't live with them and you can't 
live without them.  I received three sets of TR8 block 
mounts from them before I got a pair that wasn't too 
warped to bolt to the block.  The first set of stainless 
headers I got from them for an SD1 placed one pipe in the 
same location as the steering shaft.  The forgot that LHD 
cars have a steering shaft on the left.  The next Rimmers 
catalogue listed separate header sets for LHD and RHD 
applications and I got the first set of LHD headers they 
sold...but they still didn't clear the starter solenoid so 
I had to use a P6B starter...duh!

If I had read this earlier, I could have asked our host 
this morning, Phil Baker, about sleeves.  Phil is 86 and 
lost his wife recently.  He suffers from severe arthritis 
but his mind is clear and sharp.  He took us out to the 
shop and showed us a prototype V12 based on Rover/Buick 
components (I took a picture) which his son, Ray, will 
soon begin producing.  Phil had a stack of sleeves for use 
with the 3.7 inch bore sitting on a shelf and several 
hundred 215 blocks to use for this project.  The cranks 
are cut from huge billets and cams from special blanks.  I 
felt humbled to get to talk with one of my boyhood heros 
and a man who has made a great contribution to the 
development of the Buick/Rover V8.  I worked on one of his 
5.0 liter Buick conversions many years ago and thought at 
the time that it was a very beautiful piece of work.  No 
man has worked with our aluminum V8's longer (Dan LaGrue 
is the possible exception).  Phil is a great guy and I'm 
glad I finally got to meet him.

For those who will be there, Peter and I will see you at 
Bellevue tomorrow, God willing.

Kent K.

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006 02:51:39 -0400
  Glen Wilson <glenwilson at cavtel.net> wrote:
> On Monday 10 July 2006 23:50, Lance La Certe wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Wanted to ask your help on engine rebuild kits..  Am in 
>>the process of
>> rebuilding my 3.5 V8 ('70 'Federal'  3500S).  I've found 
>>what appears to
>> be, an excellent set of kits from Rimmer Bros. in the 
>>UK----a 3.5 kit and a
>> 3.9 kit.  Can anyone provide any reputable sources for 
>>rebuild kits in the
>> US? Does anyone have experience with the Rimmer kits?
> Lance, 
> Try catching Kent as he runs out the door.
> There a re a number of sources for rebuild kits for the 
>Buick 215 engine, and 
> most (not all) of the parts are interchangeable. 
> TS Imported Automotive
> New-Used-Rebuilt-NOS-Performance British car parts. Some 
>used cars for sale. 
> Very strong on SD1 and V8 performance. Some older Rover 
> 404 Basinger Road
> Pandora, OH 45877
> Phone: 800-543-6648 or 419-384-3022
>Fax:  419-384-3272
> Web Site: 
> Email: tedtsimx at q1.net
> Ted Schumacher is a decent, honest guy who deals mostly 
>in high performance 
> Rover V8s. I don't know if he sells things like kits, 
>but I'm pretty sure he 
> would offer good advice. Tell him Glen WIlson said to 
>remind him about the 
> 80% discount for RSTCA members...
> There's also a guy in Utah who deals in Rover V8s, but I 
>don't see his contact 
> info. He used to advertise every month in Hemmings Motor 
>News under Rover 
> parts.
> Companies like Atlantic British might be a source, but 
>they tend to deal more 
> with later Range Rover engines.
> If you are going to order from overseas, you should 
>always run it by Pierre.
> Rover Parts Services
> Pierre responds promptly to email inquiries.
> 11 Polworth Road
> London SW16 2ET.
> Phone: (011) 44 20 8696 9645 or (011) 44 20 8883 5309
>Fax: (011) 44 20 8696 9645
> Email: pjemail at aol.com
> UK
> My experience with Rimmer was years ago. They were very 
>expensive, wouldn't 
> lift a finger to save you money on international 
>shipping, and they tended to 
> always ship 90% of my order and tell me the last couple 
>of crucial parts 
> were "no longer available" (though they were offered for 
>sale on their 
> website).
> Glen
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