[ROVERNET - UK] P6 black leather seats, other parts available (in U.S.)

peter king peter at king-co.com
Fri Jul 14 16:00:12 BST 2006

Hi all.

I have a pair of black leather p6 seats with ET headrests available,  
if anyone is interested. The leather is soft and good all around, but  
the stitching needs to be re-sewn in the seating areas. I'm located  
in Swampscott, MA, USA. I also have some extra bonnets and boot lids,  
along with 4 arden green doors and a bunch of black interior panels  
and glove boxes, speedometer units, front and back windscreens,  many  
hubcaps, window cranks and door handles, other stuff. All from a  
truckload of 3500s and TC2000 spares I purchased a couple of years  
ago and am finally sorting out! These are all from TC2000s. I'm happy  
to send pictures, if you have any interest. Drop me a line off-list  
if there's anything you are looking for.


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