[ROVERNET - UK] RE: Market update

David Read defender110 at ozemail.com.au
Thu Jul 27 23:24:58 BST 2006

Hmmm ... the carpoint vehicle is unique, but certainly not original with 
a 5 litre motor. (Modified 4.6?)

Be interesting to see if it sells for the price ....

South Oz

Winchester, Miles wrote:
> Bill,
> I would agree with what you say, but there are some model Rovers attracting
> higher prices. A couple of Rover 3.5 Coupes for sale, click on link below,
> prove that certain models can appreciate. 
> http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=62905489&key=43134
> http://carpoint.com.au/used-car/ROVER/P5B/Queensland/1824922.aspx


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