[ROVERNET - UK] Over-Restoration VS Patina

Stephen JC Beer stephen at beerinc.com
Fri Jul 28 02:01:56 BST 2006

> Not only that, but cars that have been "restored" to this degree turn 
> my stomach. The car may have all of the right bits bolted together, 
> and it might even have similar carpet, but it is in no way ORIGINAL. 
> It was not assembled by Rover craftsmen using the materials and 
> techniques used by the Rover Company. It does NOT represent the 
> typical condition or quality of the car when it left the factory in 
> Solihull. It has become a CLONE without character. No one bought this 
> car new in a showroom and proudly drove it home. No one drove his 
> daughter to her first day of school in it. No one loved it and 
> pampered it over the course of years. No patina. No character. No one 
> would alter the Mona Lisa by stripping the canvass clean and 
> "restoring" it a higher standard than Da Vinci was able to achieve at 
> his "factory." Repair it, clean it up, and appreciate it for what it 
> truly is.

Very eloquently written, Glen, and I couldn't agree more. I will only 
defend the show car set by saying the more people buying parts for old 
cars, the longer old car parts will be available to buy.

I believe the absolute fairest gauge of the value of any car, boat, 
hovercraft or glow-in-the-dark Frisbee is what they have actually sold 
for on eBay. Clicking on "completed auctions" on the left side of a 
page quickly reveals actual selling prices.


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