[ROVERNET - UK] "Restoring" Rovers, Market Value, et cetera

David Walker concinnity at woosh.co.nz
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And then there is deciding where normal maintenance ceases and restoration
begins.If we don't use our cars they won't wear out(doesn't seem much point
in that!)-and if we use them they need servicing and repairs.What a
conundrum!  ;-) Cheers ,David
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> I agree that the value of a Rover is what someone will
> actually pay out-of-pocket. An asking price is not a
> reliable figure.
> I paid out money for my restorations but I haven't
> seen one sold up here for my actual costs given that I
> did most of the work apart from that contracted out
> (sandblasting, painting, and engine rebuild [that was
> an interesting exchange of labour on one hand and
> gratis on the other]. I painted one Rover but that's
> another novel  ;-)
> I have an agreed value coverage based upon an
> appraiser's research but nobody would pay me for what
> it's worth.  The market is not there. It's just
> insured for what it might cost for me to rebuild a
> Rover after a total loss.
> You have to enter the Rover car world without
> considering making a profit or even breaking even.
> My car is restored to a standard that pleases me. It's
> not concourse and all the parts do not come from the
> same vehicle.
> I like it.  If others like it - bonus!
> Eric
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