[ROVERNET - UK] "Restoring" Rovers, Market Value, et cetera

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri Jul 28 04:55:41 BST 2006

Ali Al-Abbasi wrote:

> I restored my US spec Mercedes Benz 6.9 and put the Euro bumpers 
> because I hate the look of those huge bull bars. Every now and then, I 
> get an urge to see if I can find an Aluminum Chevy 350 engine and drop 
> it into my P6.

Go for it.  Just  plan on changing the rear end, too....maybe one of 
those Corvette transaxles.

I always put home market bumpers on my SD1's and use square headlamps.  
NAS spec SD1's need all the help they can get in the cosmetics 
department.  I even fitted a Volvo rear bumper to my first one.

Kent K.

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