[ROVERNET - UK] "Restoring" Rovers, Market Value, et cetera

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Fri Jul 28 16:42:02 BST 2006

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 01:54:11 -0400
  "Winchester, Miles" <Miles.Winchester at ArvinMeritor.com> 
> I think Kent is referring to the conversion of a RHD 
>wiring harness to the
> Left hand side. Not something I would want to take on.

Yes, thank you Miles.  I should go into a little more 
detail on the RHD to LHD conversion.  I intend to drive 
this car regularly and consider the conversion to LHD a 
safety issue.  I have inquired and found no LHD P5B 
harnesses available, though one might be made up by 
certain suppliers.  The existing harness was in good shape 
at its peripheral points where harnesses usually 
deteriorate.  My original plan was to move the mechanical 
components, gages and switches, shortening those wires 
that feed from the left and splicing those that feed from 
the right.  I now feel that a "cut and shut" approach 
would have been simpler, if not neater.   This approach 
would cut all the wires attached to the mechanical or body 
components and then simply splice all the wires 
(essentially, every wire in the dash).  This would result 
in some circuits (those that terminate or enter on the 
left side) running all the way to the right side and back 
again.  I prefer a voltmeter to an ammeter and have an 
appropriate instrument that fits the pod.  This would also 
eliminate a lot of work splicing or running longer 
(battery hot) brown wires to the ammeter, something I am 
not fond of for safety's sake.  None of this would be 
visible or even accessible to the casual observer.

On this subject, I really do agree with those who uprate 
their electrical systems to include an alternator (or 
better alternator), gear reduction starter, voltage 
regulator or sound system ( I personally remove all 
radios, etc. from all my cars as I consider them driving 
distractions and cannot hear human or mechanical 
conversation when they are on.)  I have factory radio 
delete options for everything except the SD1 (including 
the rare factory radio delete for the TR8.)  All a matter 
of personal taste, reliability or entertainment.  George 
Hacking's (now Michael Cain's) P4/100 is a case in 
point...very impressive and sanitary.

Kent K.

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