[ROVERNET - UK] Update on an earlier problem

Gordon Harrower griffo at comcast.net
Sat Jul 29 01:22:48 BST 2006

Those of you with elephant memories might remember that back in April I 
had problems with my '68 TC's transmission.  The symptoms, which emerged 
abruptly, were an inability to shift into 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears.  The 
shop to which I brought it seemed intimidated by the whole thing, but 
offered the theory that the rubber spacers in the gearshift were worn, 
causing excess play in the mechanism.

I've now replaced the 4 rubber pads and the vaguely triangular one, as 
well as the fabled "spherical seat."  It now will go into all gears but 
3rd, running or not, and there still seems to be too much play in the 
gearshift mechanism.  There's a bar that connects the gearshift 
mechanism to the transmission, and that bar seems loose, but difficult 
to tighten. 

I would appreciate any insight into this problem.  I have a spare 
transmission, but view that as a last resort.  Thanks, Gordon.

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