[ROVERNET - UK] Update on an earlier problem

Paul Smith vmitps at netspace.net.au
Sat Jul 29 01:48:24 BST 2006

> I've now replaced the 4 rubber pads and the vaguely triangular one, as
> well as the fabled "spherical seat."  It now will go into all gears but
> 3rd, running or not, and there still seems to be too much play in the
> gearshift mechanism.  There's a bar that connects the gearshift
> mechanism to the transmission, and that bar seems loose, but difficult
> to tighten.

1.  Is the bar broken?
2.  Is it loose on the base unit (it is meant to have movement there), or
loose on the gearbox?

Can you organise an assistant to operate the gear lever whilst you watch the
selector arm?


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