[ROVERNET - UK] Update on an earlier problem

Gordon Harrower griffo at comcast.net
Sat Jul 29 01:51:41 BST 2006

Paul Smith wrote:

>>I've now replaced the 4 rubber pads and the vaguely triangular one, as
>>well as the fabled "spherical seat."  It now will go into all gears but
>>3rd, running or not, and there still seems to be too much play in the
>>gearshift mechanism.  There's a bar that connects the gearshift
>>mechanism to the transmission, and that bar seems loose, but difficult
>>to tighten.
>1.  Is the bar broken?
>2.  Is it loose on the base unit (it is meant to have movement there), or
>loose on the gearbox?
>Can you organise an assistant to operate the gear lever whilst you watch the
>selector arm?
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It's loose on both ends.  I'm not sure how to tighten it on the gearbox 
end.  Meanwhile, the whole rectangular base for the gearshift moves 
around quite a bit.  It's one of those things I never looked at when 
things were going well, so it's hard to tell what's normal.  Thanks, Gordon.

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