[ROVERNET - UK] Wheels

Fletcher gofanu at usachoice.net
Mon Jul 31 20:41:56 BST 2006

In my experience, and it may be due to the dealer in Pittsburgh, PA, 
where I did most of my work,  but is consistent on cars from other 
places that I've met:
All SC & auto cars have steel wheels with 7/16 studs and ball-faced nuts.
All TC have Rostyles with 1/2 studs and taper seat nuts.
Both use same bolt circle.
This applies generally to both SC I have - a 63 and 66, and both TC 66 
and 68, and probably 50+ other cars I've worked on, although I have a 
fuzzy memory of the very first TC I ever saw as maybe having steel wheels.
Never saw a wire wheel car, been looking ever since I saw the drawing in 
the owner's booklet. Saw one Mag*** wheel in an old dealership, got 
excited because it looked so good, tried to pick it up from behind some 
stuff and damn near dislocated my shoulder, since it was apparrently 
made of lead. Decided it didn't matter how good it looked.
I have now learned from this list that wirewheel cars really do exist, 
and 2 sorts of Mag***, The manuals/parts lists I have fail to mention 
anything other than steel wheels, and there is no reference to the 
different studs & nuts.
While it may not be ultimate truth, I have to believe that my experience 
is typical of US cars, at least.
I have heard but not verified that some US domestic car used 5 bolt 
Rostyles, possibly in a different bolt circle - this may be the source 
of James D's odd wheels.

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