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Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Mon Jul 31 23:07:38 BST 2006

Fletcher wrote:
> In my experience, and it may be due to the dealer in Pittsburgh, PA, 
> where I did most of my work,  but is consistent on cars from other 
> places that I've met:
> All SC & auto cars have steel wheels with 7/16 studs and ball-faced nuts.
> All TC have Rostyles with 1/2 studs and taper seat nuts.
> Both use same bolt circle.
> This applies generally to both SC I have - a 63 and 66, and both TC 66 
> and 68, and probably 50+ other cars I've worked on, although I have a 
> fuzzy memory of the very first TC I ever saw as maybe having steel 
> wheels.
> Never saw a wire wheel car, been looking ever since I saw the drawing 
> in the owner's booklet. Saw one Mag*** wheel in an old dealership, got 
> excited because it looked so good, tried to pick it up from behind 
> some stuff and damn near dislocated my shoulder, since it was 
> apparrently made of lead. Decided it didn't matter how good it looked.
> I have now learned from this list that wirewheel cars really do exist, 
> and 2 sorts of Mag***, The manuals/parts lists I have fail to mention 
> anything other than steel wheels, and there is no reference to the 
> different studs & nuts.
> While it may not be ultimate truth, I have to believe that my 
> experience is typical of US cars, at least.
> I have heard but not verified that some US domestic car used 5 bolt 
> Rostyles, possibly in a different bolt circle - this may be the source 
> of James D's odd wheels.
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Lots of TC's had standard steel wheels with wheel covers, just not in 
Pittsburgh, apparently! Philadelphia, that's another story...

You've made some great contributions for a new contributor to Rovernet.  
Glad to have you aboard.



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