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Geoff Kirkpatrick britcarnut at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 17:48:04 GMT 2006

I've enjoyed the discussion/debate on this topic.  It's clear that what
constitutes an original works rally car or an original Bugatti etc. is as
much a matter of opinion as fact.  I tend to agree with the contingent
that draw the line at re-shelled cars.  To me, the shell is the car, at
least in the unibody world.  And building a new Bugatti, Ferrari, blower
Bentley, etc. around a vintage brake shoe constitutes building a
reproduction.  But in the case of older separate-chassis cars, I would say
the chassis is the car and the body is a component.  Many or most high-end
cars were sold this way by the factory.  

The key in all cases is that the car should be represented as exactly what
it is.  If it's a car that was irreparably crashed in competition and has
been re-shelled, that should be stated and the viewer can decide for
him/herself if it's still the same car.  

The fact is that with enough skill and money thrown at it, the most
mangled wreck can be rebuilt without resorting to re-shelling.  That's why
the big-money boys are willing to vintage race their million-dollar-plus
toys and crash them.  They know that it's just machinery and can be
repaired.  It may cost them a few hundred thousand, but it can be done. 
The only reason a rare factory-supported P6 rally car would be re-shelled
instead of receiving the same treatment is money.  It's not worth the

That's my totally opinionated two cents' worth.  Comments, flames,
threats, etc. are all welcomed! ;-)


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