[ROVERNET - UK] Query re fasteners for P6 sills

Peter Mitchell peterm at arach.net.au
Thu Mar 9 04:09:22 GMT 2006

I've removed the sills from my P6B to inspect for rust, apply rustproofing

There are two rows of fasteners. The ones along the top of the sills are
merely screws that came out and went back in with out problems.

The lower lot of fasteners are those under the car, and they are  a screw
with a plastic surround a bit like a wall plug in a house. A number of these
fasteners did not enjoy being removed and I will need to obtain new ones.  

So, the question is: Are these lower sill fasteners a unique Rover item, or
available through a parts supplier?

BTW: My first and last ride on a Centurion was in 1972, so I join the
milling crowd demanding to know more!!


Peter Mitchell

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