[ROVERNET - UK] Query re fasteners for P6 sills

lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk lingfield51 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Mar 8 14:16:18 GMT 2006

They are available form most of the 'specialist's Peter and I am pretty sure
they are the same as the ones in the front and rear wings that act as a sleeve
for the light units to screw into the wing. The holes should be square and
the nylon inserts a taper fit that snaps into place when pushed in far enough.
Typically Rover way of not screwing into the light gauge steel and risking
damaging it. So if you have any old wings about you can canabalise them from
there. They tend to be less 'grotty' than the ones under the sill. The top
fixings should have a spire clip snap around a larger aperture. On very early
cars they had a captive nut and small threaded pozidrive head 2 or 4 BA bolt
but later on they moved to a self-tapper instead thus eliminating the need
for a captive nut.

Alan Francis
(part viking)

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