[ROVERNET - UK] Query re fasteners for P6 sills

Eric Russell p6rovers at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 16:49:37 GMT 2006

The nylon plugs on the Rovers that arrived in my part
of the world were fitted into square holes punched
into the floor of the car.  The heads of the nylon
plugs were round.  I'll check my local car parts place
when I go out.  I may have seen that design over

More later ........

The top edge of the sills are secure by machine screws
that screwed into "spire nuts".  These are removable
hidden nuts which use a device to hold them from
turning.  There are three mint ones behind each
painted panel above the wing and behind the door.  My
parts cars usually had mostly rusted spire nuts on
each side.  After I replaced them, I used some "Never
Seize" paste and stainless steel screws.


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