[ROVERNET - UK] Front Spring Compressors for P6

Paul Smith Paul.Smith at auroraenergy.com.au
Wed Mar 22 02:55:46 GMT 2006

It is possible to use normal spring compressors, but they have to be 250mm
Take the mudguard and wheel off, fit one on the back side (near motor) and
one on the outside.


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A fellow Rover guy needs to get hold of some front spring compressors
for the P6.  You might remember Jere Conner who imported a French 1974
2200 TC to the USA back around 1998. The car is immaculate in Artic
White with black leather interior. Jere used the car as a daily driver
for some time but is putting it back to its original French specs for
pleasure use. He is rebuilding the suspension and asked if I could help
him locate a set of spring compressors.

He's an upright citizen and can be trusted if you are willing to loan
your set out to him. He might be interested in buying a set if you are
willing to part with yours.

Any other known good alternatives to the factory tools?

You can contact Jere at jroverp6 at comcast.net or 610-246-6911.

Or you can contact me, if you prefer, at glenwilson at cavtel.net

Jere may be back on the Rovernet in a day or so.



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