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I remember very well Austin 1100 e 1300.
They were good reliable cars, they came after Austin A 40 ( very rare in Italy).

They were produced in Italy under the name Innocenti jm3. 
They are now very rare by us.
Have a look at this link:
These cars had also a MG version ( badge ingeneering)with twin carburettor. In Rome, in Monteverde, there was a white one ( probably the only one).

Hydrolastic suspension were something new and quite strange.

A very similar car was produced by Autobianchi ( with some differences) under the name Primula. Primula was coupè and saloon, it was a good and fast car of the late sixties. A neibourgh of mine had a saloon in Udine in the seventies, it was a grey one, very good and reliable, very long lasting. He was the father of a close friend, herepainted it ( it was a ten years old car at that time) in 1975 ( more or less ). I remember it very well, it had a splendid engine.
Have a look at this other link:
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My First car, an Austin Allegro, had the hydrolastic suspension. They were 
known in England as the 'all aggro' because of their poor reliability. The 
Allegro was the successor to the 1100 and 1300 Austins. It was actually a 
fun car to drive, although mine went through about 5 clutch release bearings 
in short order. I could change them over in about 45 minutes in the road 
side before I twigged and replaced the bearing carrier.

The handling and ride were very good. In the wet, I could out-handle the 
college mate's Mk.I Escort on the roundaouts of London!

Oh, and and yes I had a series I Allegro complete with the square steering 



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