[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch?

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Wed May 3 10:03:35 BST 2006

I had a similar experience many years ago, and found that the shock absorbing
springs mounted in the clutch plate had broken free from their pressed metal
restraints.  I had to remove the geerbox and replace the clutch plate.  Cheers
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>I'm coming out of my customary voyeuristic position here to run a TC 
>problem by the more-knowledgeable.  Today I was driving my '68 TC and 
>suddenly felt a shudder when trying to shift into second gear.  Soon I 
>couldn't get it into second at all, then only first gear would work.  As
>fate would have it, I was near the garage that works on it, but I'd like
>to have some sense of what's going on before I approach them tomorrow.
>I'd appreciate any thoughts.
>Thanks, Gordon.
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