[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s whine

peter king peter at king-co.com
Wed May 3 14:31:47 BST 2006

Hi all.

In anticipation of this weekend's Rover tinkering adventures on the  
3500s, I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on likely cause of engine  
(or tranny) whine? Whine rises and falls with rpms, in gear or Park.  
Transmission fluid is fine, shifting is smooth, although I do get a  
clunk at low speed downshift, coming to a stop. But before I go too  
far, I should mention that I had the power steering box open last  
weekend to replace the O-ring seal, and I've read that air in the  
system can cause a whine like this. I'd like to be able to say when  
the whine began, but I recently replaced two cracked exhaust  
manifolds, and the quieter running engine has allowed me to hear  
other noises that may have been there all along. I also replaced the  
alternator last weekend, and although I now get a new clunk from  
that, it is not the source of the whine.

Any thoughts on this, as usual, greatly appreciated!



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