[ROVERNET - UK] 3500s whine

Ali Al-Abbasi alialabbasi at hotmail.com
Wed May 3 14:51:00 BST 2006

Maybe the diff is on it's way? Have you tried using some Lucas transmission 
and Diff oil. I have heard good things about these products.

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> Hi all.
> In anticipation of this weekend's Rover tinkering adventures on the 
> 3500s, I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on likely cause of engine  (or 
> tranny) whine? Whine rises and falls with rpms, in gear or Park. 
> Transmission fluid is fine, shifting is smooth, although I do get a  clunk 
> at low speed downshift, coming to a stop. But before I go too  far, I 
> should mention that I had the power steering box open last  weekend to 
> replace the O-ring seal, and I've read that air in the  system can cause a 
> whine like this. I'd like to be able to say when  the whine began, but I 
> recently replaced two cracked exhaust  manifolds, and the quieter running 
> engine has allowed me to hear  other noises that may have been there all 
> along. I also replaced the  alternator last weekend, and although I now 
> get a new clunk from  that, it is not the source of the whine.
> Any thoughts on this, as usual, greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Peter
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