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Tue May 9 01:28:30 BST 2006

We (that is, the Toronto Area Rover Club) have a P5B that we 
acquired along with a 6-cyl P5 -- both automatic.  The P5B runs, but 
would need a fair bit of body work for a restoration.  Not so much 
rust as an awful lot of Bondo, in places 1/4 inch thick.  Also, it's 
painted a bilious pink!  The 6-cyl is complete, but probably good 
only as a parts car.

We probably won't get around to restoring these cars, so they're on 
the block for anyone interested.  (Located about 50 miles from 
Toronto, Canada.)


Bill Daddis


On 8 May 06, at 11:47, Kent Kinard wrote:

> Hi Al,
> We took an informal inventory several months ago. 
> There are quite a few six cylinder P5's, a small
> fraction of which are Coupe's, but there are only a
> few P5B's in North America, perhaps a dozen or so.  We
> know of 6 P5B Coupe's but there are probably more. 
> All the P5B's, both Coupe and Saloon, seem to be (or
> were originally) RHD.  P5B's were never officially
> imported, but the six cylinder cars were imported
> right up until the end of Mk. III production in 1967. 
> There have been four six cylinder Coupe's for sale in
> the US in the last four or five months, one Mk. II in
> California and three Mk. III's, one each in
> California, Ohio, and Massachusetts.
> Roverly,
> Kent K.

Aurora, Ontario, Canada
The Toronto Area Rover Club

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