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You need to be careful about California though.  Current law is that all
cars 1976 and newer need to go through the smog inspection every two years
(is that biannual or biennial? I can never remember), and that they need
to have all the original US smog equipment intact or a DOT waiver.  I'm
not sure how that interacts with the 25-year EPA waiver.  So a 1975 or
older car should be a slam-dunk, but anything newer should be researched
before you try to bring it to the Golden State.


Geoff Kirkpatrick


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geffandjulie wrote:
> The P5B was originally produced in late 67. As of 1968, US smog and 
> crash regulations came into effect, and the V-8 had not been tested for 
> EPA emissions, etc. Thus, the only legal P5B in US then would have been 
> a 67, and I do not know if any LHD were produced then. I believe that 
> after 25y, the EPA requirements lapse, and antique, such as P5B can be 
> imported.

Geff and others,
You are correct.  There is no difficulty importing cars twenty-five 
years of age or older...just a lot of paperwork that must be done BEFORE 
the car come in.  US regulations are not uniform with EPA, DOT, and 
Customs all having different regulations, but past 25 everything is 
grandfathered.  Unfortunately, cars that were brought to the US 
illegally can never be grandfathered an will always be subject to 
confiscation and destruction.  Just because a car has been titled and 
registered by a state does not make it legal with the feds.

Kent K.

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