[ROVERNET - UK] Dion tube gaitorand, I have to ask!

Paul Smith vmitps at netspace.net.au
Sun May 14 12:06:13 BST 2006

The earlier cars had a proper screw hose clip, the later ones the silly
thing for clamping the gaiter.
If you jack the car up, the wheels fall in.


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> Hi Steven,
> I did this job some time ago and still have not recovered from the trauma.
>  I can send you the scanned section from the manual if you require.  You
> need to ensure you have a system of pulling the wheels back in as you bolt
> it together.  I used a rope and if I did it again i would use a chain and
> a turnbuckle to provide for beter manipulation.  Mark the alignment of the
> flanges on each side because the pattern of bolt holes is not symetrical.
>  Perhaps a centre punch.  Have you the gaskets as well as the new gaitor?
> or you will need a set of hole punches and some gasket material to make
> ones. Be very careful undoing the metal strip ring retainer so that it can
> be re used. When removed clean all the mating surfaces but be very careful
> with the seals that are easily ruined by a metal pin arrangement at the
> of the middle tube.  I recommend you glue (contact adhesive) the new boot
> to the centre section because the spring retaining strip is not strong
> to keep it in place as you re bolt the assembly together and have to
> the assembly.  Bolt it together and then fit the boot over the outside
> again with silone sealant before fitting the pring retainer.  Let the
> grip before driving.  You will need a diff filler to get oil into the tube
> when the job is finished.  Let us know how you go.  Have fun cheers Roger
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> >Hi All,
> >
> >Two questions:
> >
> >1) I'm just about to do the dion tube gaiter(boot) on my TC and would be
> >
> >grateful for any advice before I tackle it. I've seen Alan's(?) technique
> >on
> >the RoverNET archives, but may have to take the manual route because I'll
> >be
> >by myself doing it and the half shafts may add too much weight, again
> >anybody's personal experience here would help.
> >
> >2) Alright, I have to ask! Does anyone know why Rover used the Viking
> >
> >and the Viking Longship on it's badges? If another person asks if my TC
> is
> >a
> >Volvo I'll crown 'em!
> >
> >Look forward to answers to both.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >
> >StevenD
> >
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