Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Thu May 18 23:32:19 BST 2006

Marc and Roger,
I am converting my P5B Coupe to LHD and can detail the 
process for anyone who is interested.  Converting to 
manual trans is also possible using the LT77 or RT380 and 
an SD1 bellhousing, six cylinder pedal assembly and clutch 
master.  The process is easier if you have a LHD Mk. III 
parts car to rob.  The worst part is the wiring harness 
and the MK. III is no help there.  I may give up and order 
a LHD harness from Wadhams.  Wiring can be simplified if 
you substitute a voltmeter for the ammeter in the 
instrument pod.  The Dutch and the Swedes seem to have 
gotten most of the LHD P5B Coupes.  Differences  include: 
dash wood, column shroud, column drop, front drop down 
armrest(should mount on the other front seat), emergency 
brake  assembly, power steering box and  idler, PS high 
pressure hose and front passenger footrest (need a right 
hand side instead of left) under the carpet in the 
footwell, brake line from master to servo.  There are 
issues with the screen wipers, but I haven't gotten that 

Kent K.

On Thu, 18 May 2006 19:04:34 +0200
  "Marc Stainier" <marc.stainier at belgacom.net> wrote:
> Hi Bill
> all the P5's & P5B's were also made LHD.
> Those were called "continental specifications", for 
>Europe or "export ", for the US,  but only with automatic 
>gearbox with the V8 engine.
> LHD are now hard to find in Europe or in the US, due to 
>a poor succes of the sales in the 60's and a "natural 

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