[ROVERNET - UK] :Sons and Daughters of Rover Owners!

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Sat May 20 12:36:32 BST 2006

Hi Dick
           You are one of the lucky ones, having sons! I have two wonderful
daughters, but alas they have less mechanical ability than is required to
own a Rover!! in fact they have no mechanical knowledge at all. My youngest
girl snapped two of four lugs and nuts off an old VW she was attempting to
change the wheel on. She finally phoned me to say they were all badly rusted
and were breaking. As it turned out she was turning them the wrong way which
is what snapped them off.
I be delighted to have you visit whilst visiting the Island, I live in
Ebenezer a little place near to Hunter River, most people in the area know
me! "He's the nut with those old British cars!!!" Where are you located??
                                        Happy Rovering  Ben.

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