steve bridge slbridge at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 16:45:44 BST 2006

Andrew wrote:
No guts with that puny
>little 4 banger, at least the way it was set up here.
>From a market standpoint, they were the wrong car at the wrong time, at 
>least in the US.

   In the U.S., they had over-heating problems early on. The late cars were 
excellent for what they were, good skid pad numbers, good motor and heating 
problem solved, but they could not overcome the reputation for heating 
problems the early cars had. Was there an actual engineering purpose behind 
the method of filling the early TR7 radiators? An I.Q. test?
I failed.
A pub joke gone too far?
GOOD ONE...  so where ya working now?
  The last cars were fun and reliable enough. TR8's a little more so... I 
imagine they would have been rodded much more in the U.S. had TR not gone 
out of business. With today's materials and hop-up pieces, a blow-through 
turbo is all the fair reving 4 banger would need.
  I wonder if Calloway ever built one? It would have to be a "Calloway 
Spider": 160 MPH for $16,000... (1979 dollars)

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