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~This SD1 is in Reno, Nevada and the eBay number is 4643067657.  The car =
~California certified but will require a full emissions inspection to =
~into California as it is registered in Nevada. This could turn out to =
be an
~expensive process if it fails the inspection.  The eBay information =
~you to believe that the EFI system has been converted to a BMW system.=20

Would a new fuel system pass CA inspection?=20

The way I understand it is that the visual inspection has to certify =
all the original bits are there as well as the car needing to pass the
sniffer test at the tailpipe.=20

I can't find any exemption in the regs for cars which were originally
equipped with unobtainium and have had replacement systems fitted. Got =
from the Bureau of Automotive Repair website so I don't think this
particular car would work in these parts - not so much the parts used =
from the lack of certification.
>>Emission Control Configuration
Mixing and matching emission control system components could cause =
and is generally not allowed. Engine and emission control systems must =
be in
an engine-chassis configuration certified by the California Air =
Board (ARB) or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The engine =
meet or exceed the requirements for the year and class of vehicle in =
it is installed. <<

>>Engine Modifications
No internal or external engine modifications (cams, pistons, intakes, =
may be performed unless the parts are ARB-exempted or EPA-certified for =
in the installed engine. Use the database on this site to search for
aftermarket parts covered by ARB Executive Orders.<<

>>The following apply to any modifications or deviations from the =
emission control configuration:=20

You must use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specification parts =
use in your specific year, make, and model of vehicle; or=20
The part must have an Executive Order (EO) number that shows it has been
exempted by the California Air Resources Board for use in your specific
year, make, and model of vehicle; or=20
The equipment used must be certified by the U.S. Environmental =
Agency (USEPA) for use in your specific year, make, and model of =
Check out the Bureau's " Engine Change Guidelines" brochure on this Web =
for additional information.<<


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