[ROVERNET - UK] looking for a 2000TC

Nathan Obuch nathanobuch at yahoo.com
Sat May 27 22:49:58 BST 2006

      Does anyone on the Rovernet have a p6
(preferably a series one 2000TC 4 speed) they'd be
willing to sell? I'm located in the Midwest (USA) near
Chicago, but would be willing to travel (in the
States!) for the right car.
      A nice, straight runner would be great, but I'd
also be interested in a project car needing mechanical
work - as long as it won't require welding or a
complete repaint. (I have plenty of mechanical skills,
but am a highly amateur welder....)
       Feel free to e-mail directly with anything you
have for sale...it will (would?) be going to a good
home. I've been fascinated with P6s since riding in a
friend's car as a child and a later encountering a
2000TC at a junkyard with about 5 cars stacked on top
of it. There's just something about the engineering
and quality of these cars which appeals to me...

      As a side note, there's a 2000TC on e-Bay
motors, located in Bellingham WA. It's mislisted as a
"Rover 200" item #4643884766 It's parked outside and
has what appears to be a Webasto sunroof that's
disintegrated- so I think it's probably a parts car at
best, but thought I'd point it out if some
Rovernetters need parts. I must add that I have no
commercial (or other!) interest in this car. 

 Nathan Obuch
nathanobuch at yahoo.com

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