[ROVERNET - UK] P6 stripping

Katherine Cuba katemike at charter.net
Thu Nov 2 13:48:34 GMT 2006


I am sensing a serious problem here.  You appear to have P3's, P5's, and 
P6's but no P4's!  You might be on the very edge of serious depression and 
existential anxiety.  Maybe if you strip the P6 down far enough it would be 
a P4?   Tee, Hee   ;-)


Rover P4 105S

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>I have stripped most of a rusty 3500S and am left with the shell and the 
>suspension. I was trying to figure out how to get the front and rear 
>suspension off in the least number of bits to optimise storage. I have 
>heard you can drop the rear end in one piece but can't find anything in the 
>manual about that. Has someone done it and have any ideas or tips? any 
>ideas for the front suspension? any traps/dangers?
> Cheers Gianni
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