[ROVERNET - UK] P4 conversion conumdrum

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 16:23:42 GMT 2006

--- adam2402 at bellsouth.net wrote:

> After the engine was installed, we had trouble
> pulling the transmission and
> the engine together to bolt them up.  It would go in
> fine, but lacked about
> 1/4" coming together.  We pulled the engine back out
> and found the main
> shaft on the transmission was hitting against the
> back of the engine, so we
> cut the end of the tranny shaft off a little over
> 1/4".  

I'm worried about the pilot bushing fit here.

The tranny and
> engine then mated up and bolted together fine.
> But we still can't shift while the engine is
> running.  With the clutch pedal
> to the floor, the car still wants to move very
> slightly.  

Sounds like the trans is still rotating with the

If you let out on
> the clutch, you can feel it engage at the
> appropriate point and the car
> moves at regular speed.  > Our best guess is that
the end of the transmission
> shaft is still coming in
> slight contact with the end of the crankshaft at the
> engine and the
> transmission is still rotating enough to prevent it
> from being shifted while
> the engine is running.  It shifts fine when the
> engine is not running.
> We're thinking our only choice is to pull the
> transmission and try to take a
> little more off the end of the tranny shaft.
> Any thoughts / ideas / suggestions / other options
> will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Al Adams
Al, dumb question, but what fluid are you using in the
transmission? Did you lube the pilot bushing? It
sounds like the trans is not completely disengaging to
me. Hopefully the rust on the flywheel is all that is
causing the problem. Maybe you could drive it around
for awhile and it will clear up. Good luck. 

  Rover P5

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