[ROVERNET - UK] Clutch Master Question

roland veetwinrider at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 5 16:31:44 GMT 2006

I had both my clutch master and slave resleeved and
they did a great job. I've since installed the new
seals and found the pistons sluggish on both applying
and return. The slave went well, but the tiny return
spring had very little tension and the piston didn't
want to return to it's original out position. The
master's new seal didn't seem to quite sit correctly,
but did go on. It looks like the lip of the seal is
flared out a bit more than the one that came off. I've
try repositioning it, but it's fixed in this postion.
I installed it and it seems a bit stiff pressing down.
I had to adjust the clutch rod shortening it quite a
bit from the previous length, weird since I didn't
replace the clutch. It works ok, but doesn't quite
engage at the previous rate, slower it seems. I'll try
adjusting it some more. Worse comes to worst, I'll
replace the master seals again as I feel the extra
flared out seal is binding the piston. Maybe it's just
a matter of driving it some. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  Rover P5

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