[ROVERNET - UK] 1948 Rover 75 P3

Kent Kinard kkinard at wcc.net
Wed Nov 8 14:22:58 GMT 2006

Hi Bill,
I have fond memories of our visit in Washington and of the 
car.  Like many others, I will stand in line for a chance 
to own it.  That being said, I am more concerned about the 
circumstances that would make this sale a consideration. 
 Ben has decided to give up his P5 Mk.III because "it is 
time."  If it is time to give up the P3, only you will 
know. Unless the car is in danger of deteriorating or you 
have pressing financial considerations, you have some time 
to determine your priorities and what set of outcomes 
would give you the most satisfaction.  We are your 
sounding board and you have already gotten some good 

Kent K.

On Wed, 08 Nov 2006 01:50:54 +0000
  "Bill Robertson" <rover2000nut at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Circumstances  have forced me to consider selling my P3 
>4 light ...........I,m not sure i'll be able to complete 
>my work on this car.........The car is in pretty good 
>shape but like most needs more interior work and work on 
>the rear leaf springs.............rather than take up a 
>lot of space on here i'll entertain any questions 
>offline............. I'm in Oshawa Ontario Canada for 
>those wondering..........I'm not sure that i will sell 
>but i may as well see if there is any interest
> Bill Robertson
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