[ROVERNET - UK] re. 1948 Rover 75 P3 for sale

Bill Robertson rover2000nut at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 02:31:13 GMT 2006

I'm in a little bad shape physically with hurting my  back and other 
maladies and i know now i can't complete  the work the car needs..........I 
also have 5 cars and only a 2 car garage so something has to give and the 48 
is the only car in need of work and TLC and of which my girl can't drive 
except my beloved TC.............It is in good shape bodywise and runs good 
for what it is.....The interior is useable but needs door panels to be 
redone....I got custom seat covers made for the front and put carpet 
remnants in, so it is not an eyesore.. ....The main problem is the rear leaf 
springs need done as the car has a lean ........i rebuilt the front 
suspension 2 years ago thinking that was it but that didn't help much.  I 
got out in it only once this year and the  it  has developed a miss......I 
checked the compression immediately and it was all even within 10 lbs on all 
6 cylinders....Business matters took me away all summer...But since doing my 
back in i can't really  bend over to do a tune-up or even check it out more 
thoroughly.......I know someone else would really have fun with it as it has 
been a source of enjoyment for me...........I'm not looking to get rich and 
am  looking for a Rover enthusaist and won't entertain selling on Ebay or 
Auto Trader ........This is my selling forum.............I'll take any offer 
from a Rovernet subscriber  over $6,000.00.......As you can probably tell 
i'm not really in a hurry to sell but rather let someone on the Rovernet get 
the chance to get a good car fora more than fair price..............

Bill Robertson
71 3500S
69 2000TC
48 75 P3

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