[ROVERNET - UK] 1948 Rover 75 P3 - selling Rovers

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Wed Nov 8 12:45:15 GMT 2006

Hallo Joe

Selling a car because you have to is allways painfull, but sometimes 
nescessary.  I've had some very interesting cars in the past which I needed 
to sell because the money was needed elsewere.

Do I regret not having those cars anymore?  Yes.  Would I do it again? Yes.

What's the use of having a car standing there if you know you'll probably 
never restore it?  Isn't it better to give another enthousiast the chance to 
revive this automobile?

I have a 16 Saloon LHD from 1947 in my garage for almost 20 years now and it 
will probably stay there unfinished untill I sell it.  Same story with a 
1947 12 Tourer.

The thought of having them is nice, the thought of them never being restored 
is less nice.

I've just sold one of my Fiat 600 Multipla's to a young guy who was almost 
crying from joy that he had found one at a reasonable price.  I'm sure he 
will restore it, I've seen the Fiat 500 he was bussy with and that was 
almost finished.

Loving old cars means, in my book anyway, driving them or seeing them being 
driven.  Not locking them away in a barn.  Unless of course they would 
otherwise be destroyed.  I have to sneak in this last line because otherwise 
I can't justify having the Rovers and some 20-odd Fiats in my barn :-)

If you need to sell, do it.  There's allways another orphan to be bought 
when matters improve


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>Hi Bill,
>    Please don't do it. It's a rare and beautiful car. I know from
>experience that selling a car that I appreciate is something
>that I will always regret. My 1940 LaSalle convertible is long gone and I
>kick myself mentally often. I will never sell my P-3
>6 light and although I think the four light is a little better looking  I
>am  very fond of it. I too need interior work and may not
>get it done this year or next but the car will be here when it is
>possible. Please reconsider. Sell something else if the
>problem is financial.
>                                         Joe
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