[ROVERNET - UK] HS6 parts question

peter king peter at king-co.com
Sun Nov 19 22:38:53 GMT 2006

Hi all.

I've just rebuilt a pair of HS6 carbs, and was in the process of  
swapping them with those in my '70 3500s, and I noticed some  
differences. The new pair I rebuilt is from my '71 3500s, and when I  
removed them, they had  insulators  and deflectors, but no liners.  
When I removed the carbs in the '70, they had different insulators,  
with liners, but no deflectors. The insulators are notched for the  
liners, whereas the insulators from the '71 are beveled for the  
deflectors. The parts catalog I have shows all of the components in  

Was there a change from '70 to '71?  Should there be deflectors AND  
liners, or did one replace the other?

Also, neither the manual or the rebuild kit mention using gasket  
sealer. Should gasket sealer be used on either the float bowl gasket,  
or the carb-to-manifold gaskets?

Thanks for any insight,


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