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I have never seen or heard of using gasket sealer on an SU of any type.

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> Hi all.
> I've just rebuilt a pair of HS6 carbs, and was in the process of  swapping 
> them with those in my '70 3500s, and I noticed some  differences. The new 
> pair I rebuilt is from my '71 3500s, and when I  removed them, they had 
> insulators  and deflectors, but no liners.  When I removed the carbs in 
> the '70, they had different insulators,  with liners, but no deflectors. 
> The insulators are notched for the  liners, whereas the insulators from 
> the '71 are beveled for the  deflectors. The parts catalog I have shows 
> all of the components in  place.
> Was there a change from '70 to '71?  Should there be deflectors AND 
> liners, or did one replace the other?
> Also, neither the manual or the rebuild kit mention using gasket  sealer. 
> Should gasket sealer be used on either the float bowl gasket,  or the 
> carb-to-manifold gaskets?
> Thanks for any insight,
> Peter
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