[ROVERNET - UK] Outer sills - Black but which black?

Ben Rodgers irishrover at netscape.ca
Tue Nov 21 23:42:06 GMT 2006

Hi Paul
           Its been many years since I heard the term "Panelbeater" funny
how we so easily forget the old ways. In 1952 I was an apprentice mechanic
in a small Belfast garage. We had no such thing as a bodyman or bodyshop, we
did the panelbeating, lead filling and spray painting. We repaired things
not replace them, I still remember installing new brushes in a wiper motor.
Those were the days when petrol was sold by the single gallon sometimes just
1/2 a gallon, I don't recall ever being asked to fill her up!!
                                                       Regards Ben.

born in Belfast, Northern Ireland,
Author of "lily and me" a great book and a great read .
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