[ROVERNET - UK] Outer sills - Black but which black?

Glen Wilson rovercar at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 01:52:18 GMT 2006

Ben Rodgers wrote:
> Those were the days when petrol was sold by the single gallon sometimes just
> 1/2 a gallon, I don't recall ever being asked to fill her up!!
>                                                        Regards Ben.

Back around 1970, I was pumping gas as a teenager at the service station 
where my Dad was a mechanic.  The guy who owned the station got most of 
his income from actual work done on cars, and he always had the highest 
gas prices in town. The loyal and well-off bought gas from us and got 
the benefit of my outstanding service (all the windows, check yer oil, 
air in the tires, etc). Finally, one day I was filling up a Caddy with 
prices somewhat over 40 cents a gallon for High Test (Texaco Havoline 
Super Chief, if I recall). To my amazement, the numbers on the pump went 
right past $9.99 and back to zero! I think those cars used to hold 22 
gallons or a bit more when really empty, which would make it $0.45 per 
gallon. It seemed like a mind-boggling event at the time.

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